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Why Traveling is The Best Investment

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They say traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer  – it opens you to new opportunities and fresh perspectives, plus it leads you to experiences and people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in yourself and in travel: Everyone needs that perfect work-life balance and travel is a great way to restart and refresh yourself outside the office. Traveling, be it abroad or local, also gifts you

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Tips to Increase Holiday Sales

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The holidays are approaching and there’s no better season to increase your sales. Below are some tips on how you can hit your target (and more!) this year:   Customers will begin to look for good deals as soon as the -ber months kick in. Maximize your time frame by building your audience or meeting your customers before the holiday rush. This is also the perfect time to test out what strategies and messages will work for you, both online

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How To Save Up For Your Dream Trip

how to save up for your dream trip

Check which destination you would like to visit and when. Going on peak season will cost you more, while choosing to travel during off-peak season will be cheaper. Once you’ve decided where and when to go, it’s time to start saving up! Determine how much the trip will cost you, so you can put aside some of your salary each month towards your dream trip. Some credit cards or membership programs will give you special discounts you can take advantage

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The Road to Success: Tips from Small Business Entrepreneurs

road to success

AC Currency participated last month in a team building with the members of the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies (NAITAS), where some of them sat down with us and shared the insights they’ve gained from running a business. Read on and learn from these expert entrepreneurs: Know your market Defining who your business caters to is one of the top things an entrepreneur must have in their arsenal. “Understanding the business and knowing the market by heart is important,”

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Three Powerful Ways To Invest in Yourself


A question we get the most: What’s the best investment you can ever make? Our answer: yourself. You are your best and greatest asset, so as an entrepreneur, you must take the time to improve you and the quality of your life. Putting in the effort and the time to invest in yourself will not only benefit you now, but also your future, as this will help you grow into a more successful and well-rounded individual. Below, we share the

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Banking Basics: How To Open a Dollar Account


Every day, entrepreneurs have to juggle multiple tasks: from small errands such as going to the bank to big decisions such as whether to expand the business or not. While AC Currency has been changing the current by providing entrepreneurs an alternative and efficient way of converting funds while on the go, it definitely begins in the first step of official transaction: having a dollar account with a local bank. But how does one open a dollar account?, you ask.

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